Mesogios is the perfect place for a business lunch or dinner. The private personel, the intimate ambiance and the refined menu is our best business card. For details and reservations please call 0722 200 232 or email

2 spacious and intimate saloons.

You can pick one of the two discret saloons that will offer you the privacy required for a succesful business meeting.

VIP Room

The VIP Room is perfect for a party up to 8 persons. The space is separated by the rest of the restaurant and can host anything from a business lunch toa  private business dinner.

Party Saloon

Do you have a bigger dinner party? We can accomodate up to 20 guests in the Party Saloon. So you can turn that business lunch into a conference.

Veranda Saloon 

Veranda saloon is a relaxing space that faces the courtyard. It’s bright, warm setting can accomodate up to 10 people, having a relaxed dinning experience.